Quintessence schrieb am 20.05.2008



Future Of The Loss
Twilight Vertrieb
Crikey is an experimental metal band that combines death and thrash metal with a lot of different elements. The band has 2 vocalists and also uses a violin and this gives the band a little bit extra. If those elements wouldnít be there, this would be a very ordinary band. As far as I know ďFuture Of The LossĒ is the bandís debut album after releasing a demo first in 2003. They did a pretty good job but I have to be honest that I really donít like the clean vocals they use. They sound a little bit like Devin Townsend but less powerful and sometimes not in tune.  The grunts are descent but also not that special.  The album has a good production but lacks structure within the songs. Iíve listened to the album a few times and the songs donít seem to sink in. Donít get me wrong, itís a nice album to listen to but itís not a classic. Sometimes it sounds like pure death metal and the next moment itís more thrashy and experimental. That would be very good if the songs had some more structure, now itís sometimes just fragments put together. I do enjoy a lot of parts and the musicianship is good. I also like the fact that they use a violin with sounding to much folk or doom. This is pure death/thrash metal and that makes it a little special. To conclusion, this is a nice album but for the next one I would like to hear some more compact songs. Still, this isnít bad at all.
Bram Bijlhout