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Crikey - Future of the Loss

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Label : Twilight Zone Records
Genre : Too much
Tracks : 10
Release : 23-05-2008
ďCrikey! He is a naughty boy, isnít he?Ē, said Steve Irwin about ten seconds before he got stabbed to death by a fish. A fucking fish! This still pisses me off, since itís one asshole less to sincerely get annoyed by on TV. Alright, I admit it, this has nothing to do with the German metal band you wanted to read about upon clicking this link.


So what do you want to know? Well, Iíll just tell you head on: this is a band with huge potential. But that doesnít mean anything, now does it? Well try this on for size: guttural vocals (in the lower death metal tradition) over thrashing guitar riffs, with rhythms that remind one of the pre-thrash era (being MotŲrhead). And on the other hand, you could link it to Helloween. Then itís straight into the heavy metal harmonies. Oh, metalcore! No wait, whatís that part, it sounds just like.. Shit, do I hear a violin? Oh, no, itís death metal again. What the fuck!


Hereís your problem, folks: these Germans crammed way, way too many ideas into this debut project. Itís a chaotic amalgamation of heavy metal styles that sounds pretty fucking cool for about fifteen seconds, before slamming into another genre. Thatís a damn shame, because it sounds loaded and promising.


What isnít a damn shame, rather a damn shitty idea, is that usage of a violin I mentioned earlier. I'm personally not a fan of any classical instrument in heavy music, but with Crikey it will be hard to deny that itís totally out of place. But then again, what place would that be? What the hell are these guys playing in the first place?


Now, again: Crikey has great potential. Someone should get their asses in a studio with a great producer. Or perhaps fire seven of their forty-three band members. Get some consistency in this chaos. You can hear it will be great if half the ideas get tossed out, starting with the god awful violin. Come again, thank you.

Line Up:
Christoph Mieves - vocals
Klaus Spangenberg - vocals
Robert Balner - guitars
Jochen "Blake" Blachuchinski - bass
Andreas Mantei - drums
Uwe Hass - keys
Andrea Justen - fiddles

Track Listing:
01. Chaos of feelings
02. Embrace the demise
03. Beg for
04. Dreamt to cure the pain
05. Future of the loss
06. Shades of you
07. Leave
08. Arise from fall
09. With(in)sanity
10. At last