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FUTURE OF THE LOSS Twilight Zone Records
Written by Natalie Perez on Wednesday 28 May, 2008. Last updated on Wednesday 28 May, 2008
What do you do when you have a band that's unsigned to a record company and was formed in a year unknown even to the band themselves? Nothing much you can do except listen! Crikey come straight out of Krefeld/Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany.  This seven piece musical act gives us a vibe of 3 Inches of Blood, with a old feel of Iron Maiden. The second track off of "Future of the Loss," "Embrace the Demise," has a circus feel throughout with the keyboards going around in circles, and the guitars and drums dancing around. The great vocal skills from Chris Mieves and Klaus Spangenberg make this circus comedy of thrash death metal more enlightening. The keyboard intro on Shades of You, has the likes of old school "Metallica's" "The Unforgiven." "Arise from Fall," brings the fast paced band back from the dead having the keyboardist going at a high trance speed as the drums keep the same time while the guitars follow close behind. "At Last" is the final track of death metal madness from Crikey, their first full length album a must have to any death metal fanatic.

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Running time: 48:05


1. Chaos of Feelings
2. Embrace the Demise
3. Beg For
4. Dreamt to Cure the Pain
5. Future of the Loss
6. Shades of You
7. Leave
8. Arise from Fall
9. With(in)sanity
10. At Last